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Sean Chen: One year on at University of Arts, London

Last year our student Sean Chen realised a childhood dream when he was accepted to study art at one of the world’s top art schools – University of Arts, London (UAL). A year in, he tells us how he’s doing.


My experience in London and studying at UAL so far has been absolutely amazing. Every day, I am surrounded by individuals that have come from all around the world, each with their own unique set of skills and talents. The opportunity to work with all these talented people and to learn from each other when we do group work has been incredible and very exciting. 

I very clearly remember during my first week, some guy in my class had drawn an extremely detailed ancient Greek-styled design of twenty or so people, all in different positions but using only a black ballpoint pen. It was super impressive and caught everyone’s attention the moment he displayed it.

I have just completed the six weeks of the diagnostic course which allowed us to experiment with our ideas using a variety of mediums and materials. Every day of class was similar to a workshop, where we focused on a specific area of art or design for that whole day.  We experimented with many different processes including sculpturing, 3D design, product design, illustration, digital media, drawing, painting and so much more.

This whole diagnostic process of trying everything pushed me well out of my comfort zone but at the same time, it was very enjoyable and helpful. At the beginning I wanted to do photography, however, after the diagnostic part of the course, I ended up selecting communication graphic design as it was the most suitable option for me. I am really excited and looking forward to starting this in the upcoming week.

These pictures show some of Sean’s work during the six-week diagnostic. 

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