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“Already we can see she’s building her confidence“

Like most parents, Amanda and Chris Mills want the very best educational opportunities for their kids – and a visit to ACG Strathallan convinced them they’d found the perfect fit for eldest daughter Sophie (13).


“For us it was important to choose a school that would not only provide the best opportunities, but also build Sophie’s confidence and extend her view of what was possible. After visiting ACG Strathallan we were confident it was the right choice.”

Sophie started in Year 9 this year, and although she’s only a few months in, she’s loving it.

“It’s going really well. It was a big change for her because there was only one girl she knew from intermediate, but the orientation day enabled her to meet other children and made the first day of school less nerve-wracking.”

Amanda and Chris were concerned the academic side of school life would be a big step up, but Sophie is taking it in her stride.

“We were worried about the transition from primary and intermediate, where kids got very little homework, into an environment with 2 to 3 hours homework a night, it’s a big change. The last thing we wanted was for her to lose confidence in her ability. But already we can see that she’s getting a lot of academic exposure and she’s building her confidence in what she’s capable of. The environment at Strathallan is very clear and structured, they teach and explain things well and the homework reinforces that learning. We like the fact that there are strong support networks available such as extra tutoring and help for students if they want it.”

But it is not just the supportive academic environment that has impressed the Mills. They also value the school’s strong holistic focus.

“Principal Danny O’Connor talked to us about his strategy, sharing his passion for developing the school holistically, and strengthening its focus on community, wellbeing and sport. You can already see some changes in play. There is an increasing focus on sport and last year for the first time ever, ACG Strathallan was represented at AIMS.”

In the short time she has been at the school, Sophie has enjoyed a wide range of sporting opportunities.

“Sophie is a very passionate hockey player and plays at representative level. The hockey facilities at Strathallan are excellent. She also enjoyed the swimming sports and athletics day, and some of her friends are involved in different sports, such as orienteering, so she’s giving other things a go.”

The Mills family are delighted with the choice they’ve made and are confident of the benefits this educational opportunity will provide.

“We’re strong believers in the value and power of leadership. If you have a really strong leader with a clear vision, who surrounds themselves with good people, they will be able to deliver great results for our children.”