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Luka Wolfgram

‘What Matters Is’ – a five-minute film produced by ACG Strathallan student Luka Wolfgram, was named a winner in the NZ-wide film challenge Outlook for Someday recently.


The music in the film was produced by teacher Josh McKay who, earlier in the year, kitted out a recording studio at the school and trained students to record their performances and compositions.

The pair spent many hours discussing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering the music for the film.

“As a first year teacher, one of my goals is to form relationships with students, and engage with their interests, and this was an excellent way of doing so,” he explained.

“Luka came to me and asked if I would like to be a part of his project. After watching his previous films, I was in awe, and I wanted to help immediately,” Mr McKay explained.

He said Luka was an extremely passionate student with strong ideas and strong articulation in his presentation of them.

Luka’s mum Aleks said it was magic to see what could be created when a teacher gets behind and supports their students with passion and creativity.

“Mr Mckay has brought the department to life.”

Luka credited the music as a team effort with support from both Mr McKay and singer Rika Maisey who gave permission for her song ‘Haumanu’ to be covered.

“I think true magic can only happen when you have community spirit and amazing people around you,” Luka said.