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Jeonghyeok Park

Originally from Suwon, Korea, Jeonghyeok Park, 16, is now in Year 12 at our school, which challenges students to strive towards personal and academic excellence.


He chose to come to ACG Strathallan because of the benefits and differences the school’s Cambridge curriculum affords him.

“It’s recognised around the world which is very beneficial for me as an international student,” he explained. “But it’s different from education in Korea. Korean students choose from two subject options – liberal arts and natural sciences. But here there are at least eight subjects to choose from. Moreover, while there is one Cambridge exam for each year in ACG, there is one national exam for three whole years in Korea.”

Jeonghyeok favourite subject is Physics, and he would like to go on to study theoretical physics at university when he graduates. But for now, he’s just enjoying the hands-on nature of science at his school.

“We do lots of experiments in science subjects and they’re both fun and helpful to understand the subjects more. My favourite subject is physics because it explains the nature of reality. The more I learn about physics, the more I understand things around me.”

He also plays the violin in the school band, but is modest about his abilities. “I am not talented, rather the opposite. However, our school band accepts all people who are interested in joining and there are a lot of talented peers who will help if needed. For example, I am playing violin at the moment and a peer of mine who is extraordinary at violin always helps me out.”

Jeonghyeok has another year to go at ACG Strathallan before he heads off to university. As for the future, he would like to be a researcher in quantum mechanics, but he knows that’s a way off.

“It’s a long time considering my age!” he said.