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Ella Rose Klinac

From her admiration of Sir Peter Blake to a passion for protecting the environment and everything in between… find out what else our Vice-President Ella Rose Klinac spoke to the Franklin County News about recently.


Describe how you achieved the honor of being named head student, (lots of study etc):

From a very young age I was always interested in leadership, so when I started Strathallan in year 9 I ensured I was a supporter and member of many of the school’s activities, giving me the opportunities to voice my opinions and learn from past head students how to lead. I was, and still am, very proud in my achievements, never afraid to be myself around my peers in doing the things I love. I would jump at any opportunity to speak at assemblies or represent the school in anyway. I grew in my leadership skills through being a member of the house committee when I was year 9, 10 and 11 and last year I was the house lead. Coaching, umpiring and playing netball also gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader, I learnt how to be a team player, as well as the importance of commitment, umpiring and coaching also helped me when it came to communicating and giving instruction to others. Being a part of the National Youth Theatre Company’s musicals in the past two years has also helped in giving me confidence, preforming to hundreds of people. I have always tried my best in anything I do and never was afraid to ask questions. I have remained kind and humble throughout my time at Strathallan. And I believe that it is these key ingredients which have enabled me to achieve the honor of a head student.

Goals for the year?

My goal for this year is to become a role model for the younger students within our school as past leaders were to me, inspiring others to follow in my footsteps, giving everything a go and trying their hardest. I also hope to do the best I can in my exams to get into my university of choice.

Highlight of your secondary education so far?

Other being named as a head student The Highlight for me would have to be going to Ecuador last year with 17 students from my school for World Challenge and climbing 5200ft on Chimborazo after 4 of the toughest days I have physically and mentally endured. Another highlight would be having the opportunity to coach netball, seeing the girls improve and develop as players every Saturday morning.

Favorite subject and why?

Classical Studies and Biology are both my favorite subjects. Classics, because I enjoy learning of some of the greatest stories in history and I find the idea of the Greek Gods fascinating and Biology because I learn something new every day which I hope to use in my career of choice.

What do you like most about your school?

The thing I like the most about my school is the sense of community and the relationships you are able form within your peers and teachers.

When you are not studying, what do you like to do?

When I am not studying I like to focus on my music, being active and socializing with my friends.

Who is the Kiwi you admire most and why?

The kiwi I most admire is Sir Peter Blake because he led New Zealand to successive victories in the America cups as well as setting out on an environmental exploration trip in South America, where he was monitoring global warming and pollution levels for the United Nations. One day I hope to not only be successful like Sir Peter Blake was but also still have time to help my community in a cause I feel passionate about which currently is the prevention of the deforestation of palm oil.

If I was Auckland/Waikato’s mayor I’d…

If I was the Auckland mayor I would make sure that in every town there was a huge park where native trees are planted. To promote the conversation of the natural environment.