Nutritious lunches, exceptional learning

It is well known that healthy eating can enhance energy and help children focus on their learning, particularly after lunch. Our cafeteria provides students, teachers and parents with a range of nutritious, balanced meals and snacks – all approved with the Heart Foundation tick.

Our cafeteria food is prepared by professional cooks and includes options for all dietary requirements and preferences. Ordering and payment are simple, so your child can always access healthy, tasty food when they need it.

Our school canteen service provider, Libelle Group, is teaming up with the Heart Foundation Fuelled4life, the Diabetes Projects Trust and BioPak to bring us a Fresh Made approved and eco-friendly packaged menu – Eat Smart. Eat Smart menu features balanced meals designed by a team of nutritionists for kiwi school kids, so they have the right fuel to learn!

Your child can bring lunch from home or choose to purchase lunch from the cafeteria. The cafeteria provides a wide range of hot and cold lunch options, including pasta, salads, wraps, juices, muffins and slices.

Allergies and special diets are catered for too – we offer meals and snacks that are gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian.

Our commitment to nutrition also extends to drinks and snacks.

Purchasing lunch is easy for your college student, with a choice of using cash or eftpos when they visit the cafeteria.

For primary school students, orders are managed by the classroom teacher. Your child pays in cash in a lunch order bag, which includes a menu. Just before lunch time, their order is delivered to the classroom, with hot items in thermal bags to retain heat. Students can then choose to eat their lunch in the cafeteria or outside, depending on the weather.

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