ACG Strathallan provides a caring and supportive environment where every child can discover their potential and thrive.

Core values and behaviour

Our core values of pride, respect, integrity and compassion are central to maintaining the standards of behaviour expected of our students. These values underpin interactions at all levels and help to create a warm, welcoming environment where everyone feels safe and secure.

Vertical tutor system

We have tutor groups specifically for Year 7 and 8 and tutor groups for Year 9-13. This allows our youngest College students time to adjust to life on a large campus while being supported by a Year 7/8 tutor. It also enables a wellbeing programme to be specifically designed for all students, so content can be age-appropriate and delivered in an engaging way to suit each age group. Our year 7 and 8 students also take part in a Citizenship Programme, which means that tutor group time can also be used to work on this stimulating project.

Regular goal-setting

Our dedicated staff regularly set goals with students and assess them to determine whether any additional support is needed. Services such as external counselling or support for literacy, learning or behavioural challenges can be accessed.

Lunch and nutrition

Cafeteria food is prepared by professional cookery students and includes options for all dietary requirements and preferences. Students can access healthy, tasty food at interval and lunchtime, and ordering and payment are simple.

After-school care

For Primary school children, the school offers a stimulating, well-supervised programme from 3–6pm each day during the school term. College students are welcome to use the school library from 3.15–5pm.