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Why I’ve loved the move from Primary to College: Victoria Bright

At ACG Strathallan, students become members of our College in Year 7, and this move from the Primary School can be an anxious time for those who are not sure what to expect. To help alleviate any concerns our future Year 7 cohorts may have, we’ve asked some of our current students to share their experiences.

Student Victoria Bright

We’ve followed these students as they transitioned through Years 7 and 8, interviewing them each year to chart their progress as they entered a new phase of their schooling.

When Victoria Bright made the step up to College in Year 7, her biggest concerns were about getting lost and being late for class. Now in Year 8, the confident thirteen-year-old is thriving as she and her friends navigate the challenges that 2020 has bought. Victoria shares her highlights and achievements and explains how she has enjoyed her time as a member of the Year 7 and 8 cohorts.

2020: YEAR 8

What is your favourite thing about being a member of the Senior School?
My favourite thing about being a member of the Senior School is probably getting to learn more interesting things and taking part in new expeditions, like climbing up Rangitoto. And you get to feel like quite a role model for the Year 7s.

Many students are worried that the move to College will mean their subjects will get much more difficult. What would you say to them about Year 7 and 8 coursework?
The subjects are not hard at all if you keep on top of your work and listen in class. It always helps to go over what you have learnt each day, so you don’t have to worry as much when you have exams.

Have you noticed a change in the amount of homework you receive since you joined the College?
Well, there’s definitely more homework than I had in my primary school (and for some subjects you get more homework than others), but there’s still plenty of time to hang out with friends and family.

What is the best thing about studying the Cambridge curriculum, and why?
I don’t think many other Year 7 or 8s would get to learn such a variety of subjects. I think it’s really good how we are taught about such a wide range of things. I knew hardly anything about science related stuff when I first joined Strathallan, but now I know quite a bit!

This year, my favourite subjects are science, social science and Spanish.

What advice would you have for anyone about to start Year 7?
Everyone is new to the College and is in the same position as you. Even though some students already know each other from Strathallan’s Primary, there are lots of new people and everyone has to get used to how big the school is. So, don’t worry about anything, just enjoy yourself and work hard.

At this stage, do you have any plans for what you’d like to do when you leave school?
When I leave school, I would like to travel to Costa Rica to see the animals there. And as for my career plans, I’ve always wanted to be around animals so I might be a zoologist or a zookeeper.

What are you most looking forward to in Year 9?
I think Year 9 camp will be super fun and there will be lots of new people joining Strathallan that I’m excited to meet!

2019: YEAR 7

What were your main concerns about moving to the College when you started Year 7?
My main concern was not being able to find my classes on time, but I managed to find everything really easily once I found my way around the school!

What are the highlights you will take away from Year 7?
My main highlights are all the friends I have made, and I hope to see them again next year! Also, I will take away all the things I’ve learnt in class.

What are your favourite subjects and why?
My favourite subjects are ICT and design. I love design because we get to create fun and amazing things! And I love ICT because we get to make fun websites and other things!

Are you involved in any sports or extracurricular activities?
I competed in our AIMS Games netball team and we learnt lots of new skills even though we didn’t win every game. I also did group swimming which was super fun and very exciting.

What are you most looking forward to in Year 8?
I am looking forward to seeing my friends and teachers again. I am also looking forward to learning new and exciting things.