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Why I’ve loved the move from Primary to College: Jeremy Maunder

At ACG Strathallan, students become members of our College in Year 7, and this move from the Primary School can be an anxious time for those who are not certain what to expect. To help alleviate any concerns our future Year 7 cohorts may have (such as receiving mountains of homework and no longer having time to play sports or catch-up with friends), we’ve asked some of our current students to share their experiences.

Jeremy Maunder

We’ve followed these students as they transitioned through Years 7 and 8, interviewing them each year to chart their progress as they entered a new phase of their schooling.

Buoyed by the support of his friends and the knowledge that they all were experiencing this new adventure together, the step up to Senior School held few fears for maths-whiz Jeremy Maunder. He shares the challenges he faced, along with his highlights, successes, and achievements as an enthusiastic member of the Year 7 and 8 cohorts.

2020: YEAR 8

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Senior School?
My favourite part is that you can ask anyone any questions you have. The College has been very welcoming.

Do you find it much of a challenge to juggle your homework commitments while still making time to have fun and see your friends?
No, I don’t find it hard to make time to see my friends and complete homework and study tasks at all. I find it easiest if I plan when and what I will study and complete homework tasks when I receive them.

What is the best thing about studying the Cambridge curriculum?
The best thing about studying the Cambridge curriculum is what you get to learn, and the way teachers can really explain the subjects to you. Maths is still my favourite subject.

What do you think is the most important lesson you have learned from Strathallan?
The biggest lesson I have learnt from Strathallan is managing my time. Before this, I always left my homework to the last minute. It made my life very hard and stressful.

What advice would you have for anyone about to start Year 7?
My advice to anyone starting Year 7 is to be yourself. Being yourself will help you find the right friends. You can find the right friends that like you for who and what you are.

At this stage, do you have any plans for what you’d like to do when you leave school?
I don’t have any plans for when I leave school now, but I do like travelling so I would like to do that, I think. I would love to travel to Rarotonga, Germany, and America. It might be quite a while until I do any travelling because of lockdown.

What are you most looking forward to in Year 9?
The thing I am looking forward to most in Year 9 is my friends from my old school coming to Strathallan. I am so looking forward to meeting up with them again.

2019: YEAR 7

What were your main concerns about moving to the College when you started Year 7?
Adjusting to the College and learning where everything was. Trying to get to classes on time and not getting lost starts out as a bit of a challenge until you know where everything is after a couple of days. I was also worried about the amount of homework that we were going to get but once I found the best way to finish my homework, I was alright. My way of finishing homework on time is doing it the day that I receive it.

What are the highlights you will take away from Year 7?
Year 7 camp, and the House activities were my highlights, as well as spending time with my friends and learning new friendship skills.

What are your favourite subjects, and why?
I like maths because it is challenging and fun. To complete our work, we need to put on our thinking caps, and we also use logic.

Are you involved in any sports or extracurricular activities?
The Mathex competition – which was great because I got to answer cool questions with my friends and spend the evening with them. We got to use our problem-solving skills and apply our knowledge of maths.

What are you most looking forward to in Year 8?
Learning more Spanish because our teacher, Ms Frontan, makes it so much fun. I am also looking forward to seeing my best friends every day.