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Why I loved Year 7: Ritchie Bamola


Starting Year 7 can sometimes be an anxious time for students as they move into a new phase of their schooling. To help address any concerns upcoming students may have (such as receiving mountains of homework and no longer having time to play sports), we’ve asked some of our current Year 7 students to share their experiences and review the past year.

Having joined ACG Strathallan in January 2018, Ritchie Bamola was already familiar with the school, but admits he was feeling a little apprehensive about entering Year 7. He explains the challenges he faced, the successes he achieved, and how much he enjoyed his time as a member of the Year 7 cohort.

What were your main concerns when you started the school year?
Getting lost. I thought the College was going to be hard to navigate and that I would be lost for hours – that didn’t happen of course.

What were the highlights you will take away from Year 7?
Year 7 camp. I loved all of the challenges after dinner in our tutor groups, it was really fun.

What are your favourite subjects and why?
Science. I really enjoy doing the practical experiments and finding out lots of new facts.

Are you involved in any sports or extracurricular activities?
Karate. I love doing Kumite (sparring) and groundwork (wrestling on a crash mat on your knees).

What are you most looking forward to in Year 8?
Making new friends. Next year I will be meeting a lot of different Year 8 students which is an opportunity to make new friends. I love school and I wish there was a University here, so I don’t have to leave.