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Options galore for top all-rounder

She may be one of ACG Strathallan’s top academic students – but Mia Willis still has her feet firmly planted on terra firma.


Last year the humble 15-year-old achieved A* grades (90% and above) for all six of her Cambridge curriculum IGCSE subjects – mathematics, design and technology, English literature, English language, chemistry and physics. Plus, she received Top in World honours for IGCSE design and technology in the 2020 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, alongside classmate and friend Aiko Trapski.

“I was shocked and thrilled to gain global recognition, and I was really happy to get six A* grades,” says Mia. “My top mark was shared by three subjects – maths, literature and design. They come from very different fields, reinforcing to me that I did well across the board. I’m relieved about that because, at the moment, I’m trying to keep my options open for the future.”

And where does that future lie? “I’m thinking something along the lines of a STEM career, involving engineering or maths, physics and computer science.”

Whatever path she takes, one thing is for certain. Mia will do everything in her power to ensure success while still finding time to socialise and have fun.

“I tend to prioritise school over everything else, and I spent Years 9 and 10 learning how to study effectively. I try to be as efficient in my study as possible so I can also play sports and spend time with friends and family.”

A competitive water polo player, coach and referee – and a former competitive swimmer – Mia has honed her time management skills and achieved a healthy work-life balance.

“Achieving good academic results has to be something you want for yourself, not something others want for you. You need to learn how you study best and ensure you spend your time effectively. You also have to enjoy yourself and find a balance.”

Fully immersed in everything Year 12 has to offer, the motivated teen has numerous activities to focus on – and she’s excited about all of them.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenges of being a prefect and learning how to drive. I’m excited about my classes and what career paths they open up, and I’m stoked about study periods that allow more time to study and free up time for more extracurricular activities!

And with so much on offer at ACG Strathallan, Mia knows she’s in the right place.

“ACG Strathallan has supported me by being a fantastic school. Studying here has allowed me to stay with my sports teams, friends and family rather than boarding in the city. It also offers me an international qualification with the Cambridge curriculum that supports my postgraduate study plans in Europe.”


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