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Meet Primary teacher: Tilly Pointon

Returning to ACG Strathallan this year, after a four-year hiatus, Primary teacher Tilly Pointon is “delighted to be back”.


Tilly first joined the ACG Strathallan family in 2011, spending five years teaching new entrants and Years 0 to 3. She left to complete her family and since then has been working part-time teaching Years 4 to 6 at Meremere School, and Year 7 students at Pukekohe Intermediate.

Launching her teaching career at Opaheke School in 2008, Tilly is passionate about empowering students to reach their own unique potential. This year at ACG Strathallan she is teaching part-time in the Primary, as well as in a specialist teacher role, working one-on-one with a Year 3 student.

What values are most important to you in a school?
A school-wide commitment to focus on every child as an individual and address the needs of the whole child – socially, emotionally, and academically.

What was it that initially attracted you to ACG Strathallan?
Working alongside high quality staff who share a similar teaching philosophy. I love that I get to work with other teachers who truly want to see each student reach their full potential. We are so fortunate at ACG Strathallan that we have the resources and support of the whole ACG community to assist every child to succeed.

What is it that appeals most to you about teaching primary aged children?
I love the fact that primary aged children are young, and that I have the privilege of helping to develop their minds and shape their academic journey. I particularly love teaching literacy. It is a huge part of teaching in the Junior Primary and when delving into students’ prior knowledge and experiences you create a wonderful relationship between teacher and student.

What do you personally enjoy most about teaching? 
I really enjoy inspiring students and watching how much a child grows and develops, both emotionally and academically, throughout the year. For me it is so rewarding when I know I have earned a child’s trust, because without that security I don’t think a child can ever learn to their full potential.

What can we expect to see from you for the rest of the school year?
You can expect to see me out in my sports gear getting involved with the students during physical education lessons as well as establishing strong relationships with students and their classroom teachers, so together we can watch happy kids flourish.

If we could ask your past students to describe you in five words or less, what do you think they would say?
“She really cared about ME!”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I have three children, so I love spending time with them and my husband. We enjoy getting away to the beach or out on the farm horse riding and motorbike riding. I also enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate and a good movie.

What advice do you give your students to take into the future?
Step outside your comfort zone and get involved in all that ACG Strathallan has to offer. Set yourself some goals, reach for the stars and be proud of your achievements!