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Making a positive difference with the World Vision 40 Hour Famine challenge

Earlier this month, Strathallan students participated in the iconic World Vision 40 Hour Famine challenge. Introducing some creative and unique approaches to the event, our Service team inspired their peers, teachers, and families to get involved in this incredibly worthwhile cause.
The 2022 40 Hour Famine Strathallan Fundraiser, Faculty Feud

Students from ACG Strathallan recently joined with Kiwis across the nation to support New Zealand's largest youth fundraising campaign – the 40 Hour Famine. This year the goal was to provide clean water to thousands of children living in the toughest places around the globe. And due to the incredible generosity of our families and wider ACG community, we far surpassed our fundraising targets, donating more than $4,500.

ACG Strathallan has long supported the World Vision charity, and the 40 Hour events continue to be a calendar highlight for cohorts of all year levels. As a result, our students' enthusiasm, compassion, empathy and dedication were clearly displayed as they strive to live our school's values and make a positive difference in the world.

We've asked Year 12 Service Prefect Ellie Quinn, who was heavily involved in this year's fundraising efforts, to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the school’s initiatives and events.

"As the fundraising efforts for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine wrap up for 2022, it's appropriate we take a moment to reflect on the spectacular contributions from the Strathallan community in raising money to aid the work of the World Vision charity.

"This year, donations went towards securing fresh water for communities currently living with limited or no access to the necessity. Every dollar raised went towards providing three months of emergency water to a refugee child ($18), buying one-month water purifying kits for families ($32), and building long-term clean water pumps ($108 each). 

"Last year, the committee hosted Strathallan's first 40 Hour Famine Concert, where students and teachers showcased their talents to raise funds. The profits from the concert, combined with the inspiring number of donations collected by the student ambassadors, saw the school donate $3,803 towards the cause, $303 over the school's goal.

"Naturally, the fundraising efforts of 2021 set a precedent that looked difficult to top. However, this year's passionate, enthusiastic committee, headed by the fabulous Ms Lee, were certainly up to the challenge. Much deliberation, collaboration and work saw the actualisation of the 2022 40 Hour Famine Strathallan Fundraiser, Faculty Feud! The substitution of Steve Harvey [host of the US gameshow] for Year 12 student Harit Patel definitely made the event a roaring success, involving around 300 people and seeing the English and Languages department emerge victorious. As well as making itself a new annual Strathallan tradition, the show was also successful financially, exceeding our fundraising goal. 

"The school community had rallied once again in supporting an amazing cause, and yet it was the efforts of the student ambassadors that made the most considerable impact. To date, $4,519 has been raised this year, with a team of around 20 students participating in various challenges in order to collect donations. We've seen the classic 40 hours with no food, 40 hours with no furniture, 40 care packages donated to those in need in our community, or the one to win over all parents, 40 hours with no technology. The students involved have shown immense creativity, tenacity and above all, empathy, and their efforts should be commended and celebrated. 

"So, on behalf of the 40 Hour Famine Committee chairpersons, I'd like to send a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone that gave up their time, money or efforts in supporting the World Vision 40-hour Famine. Personally, I have loved being able to support such a fantastic cause, and I look forward to next year's fundraiser, Strathallan's take on 'The Bachelor'!"

Year 12 Service Prefect Ellie Quinn