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Making the most of every opportunity

Thriving in a dynamic on-campus environment and keen to make the most of every advantage the school can provide, Year 7 student, Oliver Barnett, is flourishing at ACG Strathallan.
Oliver Barnett

“What I enjoy most of all are the opportunities and options available, be it sporting or the depth of schoolwork with Spanish, Chinese, Maths and Science,” Oliver says. “I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere and environment with my classmates and engaging teachers.”

An active member of the school community, this high-achieving twelve-year-old not only focuses on his academic studies but is an enthusiastic participant in ACG Strathallan’s music programme as well.

“My favourite subjects are English, Science and Physical Education (PE), and I have really enjoyed learning to play the trumpet!” Oliver explains. “I enjoy English because of the new things I have been able to learn about English history and how I can challenge myself to better use tricky vocabulary.”

“I like Science because it has a greater mix of interactive and practical activities to balance the textbook learning and I have particularly enjoyed the experiments using a Bunsen burner, something I haven’t done before,” he continues. “I like PE because I can enjoy the outdoors, challenging myself to improve my ball skills and to learn new sports.”

A talented athlete, Oliver has celebrated great success in school sports days this year, has proudly represented ACG Strathallan at a number of Counties Zone athletics and football tournaments, and recently competed at the Australian Football Skool Shepparton tournament in Melbourne.

“I play football as my main sport and I am a member of the Ricki Herbert Football Academy based at Strathallan, along with being a member of the Franklin United Youth Academy which sees me train three to four nights a week during the football season,” Oliver shares. “I enjoy the team environment and the challenge of leveraging our skills and communication to drive for success.”

As a role model for younger students, especially with regards to his work ethic in the academic arena and on the sporting field, Oliver clearly illustrates how a little extra effort goes a long way towards achieving your goals and ambitions. However, he is a firm believer in maintaining a balance with his many activities, and in the importance of having fun.

“In my spare time I also enjoy snow skiing, riding my scooter and perfecting tricks and stunts, and I love spending time at the beach boogie boarding.”

Looking ahead to next year, Oliver is eager to continue learning and working hard to develop more depth and understanding in his studies and is enthusiastic about the interactive activities in class. Plus, as always, he is energised and excited to pursue the range of sporting opportunities 2020 will bring.