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Inspired to make a difference: Head Boy Harry Winter

Taking the reins of student leadership, 2021 Head Boy Harry Winter is keen to continue strengthening the strong bond ACG Strathallan fosters with the local community while celebrating fellow students’ irrepressible school spirit.


The talented athlete was thrilled to be named Head Boy – an office he has been striving for since first joining the student leadership team in Year 8.

“I was extremely excited to be announced as Head Boy,” confirms Harry. “It felt as though all the effort I had put in over the years had paid off. To be chosen to head the student leadership team at ACG Strathallan is a great privilege and one that I take very seriously.”

Focussed on the importance of providing support and guidance to younger students, the desire to serve the school is extremely important for Harry.

“I feel being Head Boy is a great opportunity to be involved in a leadership situation. As Senior students, we are responsible for being positive role models to younger members of the student body – to listen, encourage, motivate and lead. For me, offering to serve as a leader is my way of giving back to the College.”

Inspired by his predecessors’ examples, Harry is keen to make his mark on the school’s landscape.

“I am really looking forward to being able to make a positive contribution to student life at Strathallan, developing my leadership skills and working with a fantastic bunch of prefects.

“I see my main responsibilities to be the voice of the student body, keeping up a positive work environment throughout the school as well as within the leadership team, and ensuring that we leave the school with the same high standard as last year’s prefects.”

Following in their footsteps, Harry believes the key to outstanding leadership lies in the ability to make decisions in high-pressure situations while also actively listening to what people say.

As a competitive rower and keen rugby player, the 17-year-old feels his experiences in the sporting arena have shown him the value and importance of teamwork and enhanced his ability to work well in a group situation. Additionally, he credits creative subjects such as Design and Technology for developing his problem-solving skills, “showing you that not everything is straightforward and simple.”

As such, he is a firm believer in the importance of support and collaboration, with his vision for 2021, including “the continuing development of Strathallan’s ever-growing school spirit”. Harry is keen to encourage a greater student presence at sports games and arts performances and grow the school’s involvement in community outreach programmes.

With plans to study architecture after graduation, the highly focused teen is taking a pragmatic approach to his educational journey and his future career, based on life-lessons he discovered during 2020.

“I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected and always be flexible with my learning and extracurricular activities. Lockdown taught me that it was just a matter of working out how I move forward rather than getting stuck. I had to learn how to adapt and be in control of my environment, which I believe can be applied to everyday life.”

And for students looking to pursue leadership roles, Harry encourages them to make the most of every opportunity.

“Strathallan has a lot to offer, and the more experience you get from doing different things, the better. Another piece of advice is to be kind and keep high standards for yourself – not just from the moment you walk into class but always.”


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