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Flying colours for Ellie Quinn

Talented all-rounder Ellie Quinn is looking forward to another stellar year ahead. While the bright and bubbly teen was delighted with her 2021 success in gaining Top in New Zealand in IGCSE Business Studies, she is also looking forward to making the most of her new leadership roles, both on the netball court and within the school community.
Ellie Quinn was delighted to be recognised as Top in New Zealand in IGCSE Business Studies

There’s nothing like ending the year on a high note. And for ACG Strathallan’s Ellie Quinn, receiving a Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award for Top in New Zealand in IGCSE Business Studies was the perfect finale to 2021.

“I was very pleased with all my Cambridge exam results, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to be recognised at such a high level. The news really took me by surprise,” admits Ellie. “I felt very proud of myself and was so pleased that all the effort my teacher Ms Lee and I put into my studies paid off!”

Ellie attributes her success to plenty of hard work, combined with a programme that’s fresh, relevant and engaging.

“I enjoy business studies as I find the course curriculum very applicable to the world around me. The information I was learning as a 16-year-old allowed me to understand and contribute to business-focused conversations with my family. They’re all heavily educated and skilled in that field, so that was a very cool feeling.”

But business studies isn’t the only subject Ellie is passionate about. In fact, she loves the entire Cambridge curriculum.

“I feel that Cambridge is setting me up for a seamless transition into university studies. The curriculum’s challenging nature has helped me establish sustainable, consistent and mature work habits that I will benefit from for the rest of my life. I’ve also enjoyed sampling a diverse array of subjects as it has helped me discover passions and hobbies that I wouldn’t have otherwise found.”

Since joining ACG Strathallan, Ellie has embraced all aspects of school life, and this year – Year 12 - will see her captaining the Premier netball team and honing her leadership skills as a Prefect.

“ACG Strathallan has done so much for me over the years, and I’m very excited to now be able to give back through these leadership roles. There are honestly so many things I love about this school. Every morning I’m greeted by a smiling entourage of teachers and staff, and my day is instantly brighter. The support from the staff is unparalleled, and I have no doubt that every single person here is cheering for me to succeed. My teachers have been amazing mentors and role models, and ACG Strathallan has provided the optimal environment for success.”

Ellie’s tips for exam success:

  • Take the time to truly understand why things work the way they do, as this will strengthen your confidence, knowledge and comprehension.
  • Stay on top of your learning throughout the year – don’t leave things to the last minute!
  • Exams have a tendency to creep up on you, so make a schedule and do small amounts every day to avoid that stressful pre-exam cram.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Querying things you are unsure about can have a huge impact on your exam results!

Ellie also starred in a recent video produced by Cambridge Assessment International Education (New Zealand).