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An exciting year ahead for student leadership team

The voices of ACG Strathallan students will ring out loud and clear this year, led by a dynamic group of student leaders with exciting plans for the year ahead.

Leadership Team

At the helm are Head Boy, Nathan MacCormick, and Head Girl, Paris Masterson, supported by four House Leaders and 18 Prefects each responsible for a different area – from communications, sports and service, to international student services, environmental services and special events. Dedicated and passionate, the team has a strong vision for what they want to achieve in 2020, and students across all year levels will play a starring role.

“We represent the student body and therefore listening to students is our biggest responsibility,” says Nathan.

It’s a task he is well prepared for, having been on the McLaren House committee since Year 9, and Deputy House Leader in 2019.

“I’ve always had a desire to communicate with all the other year groups, get their opinions about what’s going on in the school, and find out what activities they think would increase school spirit. Being Head Boy is an opportunity for me to represent students and help them feel that they have more of a say in what goes on here. It’s also a chance for me to lead an amazing group of Prefects, build an effective team, and hone my leadership abilities.”

2020 will see students working on projects with the Papakura Marae, Hingaia Gardens, Trees for Survival, and raising money for cancer through Relay for Life. Sustainability will be a strong focus too, with plans to introduce more recycling options at school, including a worm farm.

Head Girl – and 2019 Deputy House Leader for Angus House – Paris Masterson, is “ecstatic” about the opportunity, and says the Prefect Leadership Team plays a crucial role in school life.

“For me, Head Girl is a huge achievement and I carry this duty with extreme pride and honour,” she says.

“I will do my absolute best to make everyone’s year enjoyable. The Prefect Team, Nathan and I are looking forward to working with each other and having a fun-packed year, and we encourage anyone to bring forward their ideas and opinions.”

Paris also hopes to help build a strong legacy for those coming up through the school.

“I want to help define what the Prefect Leadership Team actually is – a fun and approachable group who work hard to voice students’ opinions and ideas and turn them into reality.”