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Double scholarship provides winning start

Educational scholarships have played an invaluable role in shaping the future for ACG Strathallan alumnus Timothy Harrington.

Timothy Harrington

Not only did he receive a scholarship to study at ACG Strathallan in 2016, but now, after achieving outstanding results at the school, he has been awarded two scholarships to attend the University of Waikato. With a combined value of $15,000, the Pacific Excellence Scholarship and the Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship will go a long way towards covering Tim’s tuition and accommodation costs.

“I’m thrilled to receive these scholarships as it takes some financial pressure off me and will mean I am better able to focus on my studies,” says Tim, who is about to embark on a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science.

“I’m really looking forward to starting at Waikato University, especially the opportunity to live independently and focus on what I’m interested in. I’m not sure what field of computer science I would like to follow – cyber security really interests me at the moment, but there are many specialised fields in this fast moving industry. I can’t wait to find out about them all! Ultimately, my goal is to forge a dynamic and varied career which challenges me.”

During his time at ACG Strathallan, Tim made the most of the exciting science, computing and engineering opportunities on offer, including robotics and representing the school in the annual Auckland engineering competitions. But these weren’t the only school activities that captured his heart.

“I also really enjoyed the school productions. I was backstage support for two years and the lead male role in 2020, although due to COVID we were unable to perform in public.”

Tim received many accolades during his time at school including Certificate of Excellence in 2018 for outstanding achievement in Cambridge Examinations, 2018 2nd in IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, and Most Valuable Player – Under 15 Basketball 2016.

However, he says more important than awards, were the lessons he learnt and the skills he gained.

“During my time at school I developed a respect for leadership, my peers and my teachers, as well as the ability to have a positive working relationship with the school community. ACG Strathallan taught me to ask why, to manage my own workload and to work independently to a deadline. All these skills will help me do well at university.”

But the biggest lesson of all? “I learnt that you don’t have to be in a position of leadership to be a positive influence on those around you.”