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Celebrating Success: ACG Strathallan Excels in Cambridge Learner Awards

ACG Strathallan fosters excellence in education by producing students who excel on the global stage – and the school’s recent success in the June Cambridge Learner Awards is a stellar example.


Four ACG Strathallan students have excelled in the prestigious Cambridge Learner Awards June examination series. Amanjot Kaur gained Top in World for AS Level Mathematics, and High Achievement awards went to David Grey (AS Level English Language), Lauren Aylward (AS Level Business Studies) and Chloe Li (IGCSE Level Chinese Language). 

Celebrating academic excellence

ACG Strathallan Executive Principal Danny O’Connor was delighted with the results and says the school’s commitment to academic excellence is a key driver in student success.

“There is such a strong culture of learning at Strathallan,” says Danny.  “It’s cool to work hard in class and do well. Students respond positively to a learning environment based on high expectations and support. Our parents are also committed to supporting their sons and daughters to achieve academic excellence. For some students that results in top in the world results, for others it is evident in the remarkable progress in their learning that they might not have achieved elsewhere.”

Success breeds success

Creating an environment that fosters academic success is a top Strathallan priority and positive role models motivate students to reach for the stars.

“We’ve had a number of impressive academic achievements in recent years, and I think this inspires students to want to achieve similar results. They see one another working hard and it becomes the new norm to work hard in class, complete your homework and be proud of doing well academically.”

Creating the environment to thrive

But as Danny explains, that’s not all that sets ACG Strathallan apart when it comes to preparing students for academic success.

“We provide a structured environment with dedicated teachers that have an in-depth knowledge of their specific subject disciplines. Our teachers and support staff work incredibly hard to inspire and support students. Regular tests and feedback on learning provides students with valuable feedback to address any misconceptions in learning.

“By creating a safe and supportive environment, students are inspired to learn and not afraid of making mistakes. Every child has the ability to learn and excel at school and it takes the care of a dedicated teacher to bring that out in students.”

Student support

For Year 12 student Amanjot Kaur, ACG Strathallan’s supportive environment has been pivotal to her accomplishments.

“Strathallan has always been incredibly supportive throughout my academic journey. The teachers regularly conduct tutorials, allowing me to clarify any doubts and gain a deeper insight into mathematical concepts. Their willingness to provide additional guidance outside of regular class hours significantly impacted my learning journey,” says Amanjot.

“My math teachers Mr Fourie and Mr Balchin also play a vital role. They are amazing teachers who not only possess a deep understanding of the subject but also have a passion for teaching. They go the extra mile to explain complex concepts, answer questions, and provide additional resources to aid in our understanding.”

A remarkable achievement

Achieving Top in World was a dream come true for Amanjot, who describes receiving the award as “thrilling and validating”.

“When I first saw my mark, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride, accomplishment, and disbelief that I’d achieved such a remarkable feat. My hard work, dedication, and countless hours of studying have paid off, and I’m filled with a profound sense of satisfaction and gratification. This recognition has boosted my confidence in my mathematical abilities and validated my dedication towards my academic pursuits.”

Eyes on the future

Not only that, but the award has confirmed to Amanjot that she’s on track for a bright future.

“I’m planning on studying computer science at university and my ultimate goal is to contribute meaningfully to the tech industry. Strathallan has set the groundwork for my degree by offering a multitude of opportunities. Engaging in numerous math competitions has sharpened my problem-solving skills (a crucial element of computing), and I’ve had the privilege of participating in coding competitions, where encouragement from my teachers has been a constant source of motivation. These experiences have broadened my skill set and deepened my passion for the practical applications of mathematical and coding principles.”

Global citizens

But there’s more to life at ACG Strathallan than just great marks, as Amanjot explains.

“Strathallan offers a diverse range of clubs, sports, and volunteering opportunities and our teachers actively guide us in our extracurricular pursuits, emphasising the value of personal growth and skill development outside the classroom,” she explains. “I’ve always been an active and engaged student, and my involvement in school committees has been a significant part of my academic journey. Whether it’s serving on the House Committee, participating in events like the Pink Breakfast, or taking on the 40-hour Famine challenge, I’ve consistently sought opportunities to make a positive impact within my school community.” 

And that’s music to the ears for an Executive Principal like Danny O’Connor, who adds: “Involvement in sport, activities and service outside of the classroom helps students to learn so much about themselves. We don’t just want our students to leave school with good results, we want them to leave as good people that will go on to have a positive impact in their communities.”