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Caley’s clean sweep

When Caley Boyle first learned of her exceptional 2020 Cambridge IGCSE results, it took a while for the news to sink in.

Confirming her place as one of ACG Strathallan’s top scholars, the remarkable 16-year-old achieved an outstanding six A* grade scores (90% and above) in biology, English, mathematics, chemistry, English literature, and PE.

“I was pretty stoked and proud, I had to refresh my results a few times before I believed it,” says Caley.

“I was thrilled by my English results as that is a subject I’d struggled with and really tried to work on. And I was particularly proud of the results I achieved in science as I found the syllabus quite challenging at first, especially during quarantine.”

However, thanks to her strong work ethic and the support of her teachers and ACG faculty, Caley easily transitioned into online learning as Auckland dipped in and out of 2020’s Covid-19 lockdowns.

“The way ACG Strathallan handled Covid-19 really helped me to succeed. The support from the first few days of lockdown until the last was consistent and reassuring. By the time we got back into class, hardly any time was lost, and I found I still had an excellent understanding of my subjects.”

The unwavering support and nurturing environment at ACG Strathallan have also had a big impact on Caley during her time at the school.

“ACG Strathallan has a community feel as everyone knows everyone which creates a nice atmosphere. I’ve made lots of great friends here and the teachers are so supportive. They are all so passionate and they genuinely care about their students.”

Now, fortified by her outstanding IGCSE results, Caley is tackling Year 12 with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

“This year I hope to make a good start on gathering points for university – if I want to get into the courses I’m considering, I’ll need a minimum of around 300 points. I’ve made it my goal to get involved in as much as I can to make the most of my last few years of high school. I’m really looking forward to the social aspects of this year, like athletics and the school ball.”


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