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Building great leaders: Head Girl Paris Masterson

Ensuring student life is fun and eventful is a top priority for ACG Strathallan Head Girl Paris Masterson. And although 2020 has delivered some unique challenges, they’ve done little to dampen her spirits.

Student Paris Masterton

“Gaining the position of Head Girl is definitely my greatest achievement,” says Paris. “It’s a real thrill and has solidified all my hard work and commitment to the school.”

The coveted leadership role has enabled Paris to leave her mark at a school she loves, along with the opportunity to hone her leadership skills.

“Being Head Girl teaches you management skills, negotiating skills and how to bring people together for a common goal. It has taught me patience, and the importance of listening to everyone’s opinions in order to come up with the best strategy. I’ve had to learn how to juggle the extra commitment whilst still keeping my school grades high and attending sports and other activities. This has taught me how to spread myself across multiples areas and still keep my cool.”

These invaluable lessons are just some of the many highlights Paris has enjoyed since starting at the school in Year 9.

“There is so much I love about ACG Strathallan. I feel a real sense of pride knowing that I am part of a school environment that wants the best education for its pupils. ACG has taught me how to stay focussed and work hard. At first, I found the examination process quite daunting, but with years of consistency I am now comfortable with examinations, which is a great feeling leading into my university years.”

But Paris hasn’t just flourished academically. The school’s holistic learning environment has supported her to be the best she can be, in all areas of life.

“Through the years I’ve helped with the Hingaia Community Gardens project, served meals at the Papakura Marae, been involved in several school fundraisers, and attended numerous Open Days. I’ve played netball for the school for three years and am currently in their Premier Team. So far this season we are undefeated!”

The school’s vast range of leadership opportunities have also been embraced wholeheartedly by the dedicated Year 13 student.

“There are many leadership roles at ACG Strathallan. Whether your passion is drama, music, sport or academia, there is a leadership role on offer in most areas. Last year I was Deputy House Leader for Angus House, and one of the biggest thrills was winning the 2019 house competition for the fourth year in a row. The 2019 and 2020 leadership camps were also both brilliant as they gave the new leadership team quality bonding time while also teaching us valuable new skills.”

With just a few more months of the year to go Paris has one eye on the future, with plans to head to university to gain her masters in psychology. But for now, her key focus is being the best Head Girl she can possibly be.

“This year has absolutely thrown some curve balls my way but I’m confident I have already accomplished many of the tasks I was given, and I still hope to exceed the school’s expectations.”