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Building great leaders: Head Boy Nathan MacCormick

When Nathan MacCormick stepped through the gates of ACG Strathallan seven years ago, he could never have imagined the opportunities that lay ahead.

Nathan MacCormick

Now on the cusp of heading off to university, the 2020 Head Boy is filled with gratitude for all he has learnt and experienced during his time at the school.

“ACG Strathallan has allowed me to participate in things I would never have dreamed of, such as leadership,” says Nathan.

“It has helped me grow in confidence both in my academic life and personal pursuits. It has also helped me realise what I enjoy, what I am talented at, and what I would like to do in the future.”

Outstanding academic results – which last year included the Scholars’ Award, the Principal’s Award, and Nathan’s favourite, first place for the short story competition – are just part of the equation.

“While academics have always been my focus, I’ve always participated in a variety of extracurricular activities too. Last year I represented the school in orienteering and I’ve been taking bass guitar lessons for the past three years.”

But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of his journey has been the opportunities the school has provided to develop his leadership capabilities.

“Ever since Year 9 I’ve been involved in a school committee of some description. For Years 9 to 11 I was a member of the McLaren House committee. Younger students now also have the chance to be class representatives or peer mediators, which serve as stepping stones to the prefect positions that can be held in Years 12 and 13.”

Last year Nathan was McLaren House deputy and a member of the Pink Breakfast committee, and this year he secured the ultimate leadership role when he was named Head Boy.

“When I found out I’d been chosen as Head Boy I was incredibly excited thinking about what I could do and who I would work alongside. To be Head Boy means I not only help in setting up activities for students, but I represent their ideas and feelings to ensure they have a voice. I love seeing students’ reactions to the activities we’ve organised, such as the family barbecue where everyone enjoyed themselves during the water fight, and the amazing talent show, which went ahead despite the struggles this year has delivered.

“Being Head Boy has been immensely rewarding and it has been humbling to work alongside a group of such great prefects. In fact, working with such an amazing team of student leaders has been my Head Boy highlight. Their enthusiasm and dedication have been truly inspiring not only to other students, but to me as well.”

In his role as Head Boy Nathan says he has learnt to balance his leadership and academic responsibilities, sharpen his communication skills, and take a more proactive role in the world around him.

“Leadership this year has taught me a lot and helped me to mature as a person. ACG Strathallan has been my home-away-from-home for seven years, and I am honoured to give back to it as much as I can over the course of this year.”