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ACG Strathallan welcomes Years 0 to 10 students back to campus

There's nothing more rewarding for educators than watching the bright, engaged faces of students as they grasp a new idea. Or likewise, the sound of happy, confident voices echoing through the corridors at break time. So ACG Strathallan is delighted to be experiencing these phenomena once again after welcoming students back to our campus today.
ACG Strathallan students were thrilled to return to school this morning

When ACG Strathallan re-opened our doors this morning, the enthusiasm and excitement of our students upon seeing their friends, classmates and teachers was something to behold. With many students having waited a long time for this moment, their animation and vibrancy brought a smile to every face on campus.

While incredibly proud of the highly interactive learning platforms and virtual classroom environment our teachers have continued to provide during these latest Covid-19 lockdowns, Principal Danny O'Connor was thrilled to see the return of our youngest learners back into the classroom.

However, for the final weeks of the 2021 academic year, school life will look slightly different from usual at ACG Strathallan, with numerous health and safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of students and faculty alike. These include fully vaccinated teachers and support staff, mask-wearing, strict social distancing, and daily deep cleaning protocols.

After such a lengthy lockdown period, most families have opted for their children to return to school for the remaining two and a half weeks of term. So, with a staggered start, our Year 9 and 10 students began today, along with our Primary students (Years 0 to 6). They will be joined by our Year 8s tomorrow and our Year 7 cohorts on Friday.

Additionally, a small number of students will continue to learn from home via our remote learning programme, with the ongoing support of our teachers, who will be posting work online.

Principal O'Connor is deeply appreciative of his staff's extraordinary efforts over the past three months and believes their contributions were pivotal to ensure learning continued uninterrupted at ACG Strathallan.

He is also quick to acknowledge the monumental effort and understanding that parents and caregivers have provided to allow our online programmes to flourish.

Grateful to the entire ACG community for their efforts and assistance within our remote learning framework ACG Strathallan is keen to celebrate our re-opening with everyone concerned. The phrase "It takes a village" is often bandied about, but in this case, it couldn't be more accurate.