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ACG Strathallan students continue to excel with exceptional A-Level success

ACG Strathallan’s senior students have once again performed to the highest of their abilities and achieved amazing success in their recent A-Level assessments.
ACG Strathallan students continue to excel with exceptional A-Level success

ACG Strathallan’s Year 13 students have just received confirmation of their final A-Level marks for 2022 – and the results are outstanding!

Continuing to grow their reputation for excellence in academic achievement, ACG students performed extremely well in their recent Cambridge International Curriculum examinations.

Consequently, the school is now celebrating another year of exceptional academic accomplishment.

A-Level success:

  • 100% pass rate
  • 36% of papers received A* or A grades (80% or better)

These outcomes illustrate extraordinary performances across all subject areas, with our hardworking students enthusiastically following in the footsteps of past graduates to be awarded a 100% A-Level pass rate for the eighth consecutive year.

As the number of Cambridge International students continues to increase worldwide, attaining top outcomes is becoming ever more challenging. With that in mind, these results are a remarkable tribute not only to the school and its dedicated teaching staff but also to our students and their incredibly supportive families.

Delighted with our students’ stellar accomplishments, Principal Danny O’Connor believes their success reflects the efforts and commitment of the entire school community and highlights the connecting links between them.

"We are incredibly proud of the impressive results achieved by our senior students in their Cambridge examinations,” he confirms. “Their exam success is a reflection of their hard work and dedication to their studies last year. I would like to extend a special thank you to our teachers and families, who supported and encouraged our students to succeed in their respective subjects."

The Cambridge International Curriculum is much broader than many national curriculums, offering invaluable structure, heritage and transportability. Students enjoy using knowledge and content to build understanding rather than learning foundations built on skills alone, which ensures they are well-prepared to take on post-secondary study.

Accordingly, previous ACG Strathallan graduates have gone on to study at top universities in New Zealand and around the world.