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“ACG Strathallan should be high on your shortlist”

A desire for a top-notch education and an outdoor lifestyle prompted a move from central Auckland to Karaka last year for Bridget and Daniel Lem, and their three sons Oliver (12), Henri (10) and Wilbur (7).

Lem Family

“Education is a high priority for us as a family. We’d been watching the ACG group from afar for some time, and ACG Strathallan kept appearing in the top 10 list of New Zealand secondary schools for its academic results,” says Bridget.

But with three energetic boys, finding a school that also offered excellent sporting and extra-curricular opportunities was a must.

“The sport on offer at the school and the school’s links with external sports providers has grown exponentially in the last few years so we made the decision to move to Karaka to provide the boys not only with more space but to be closer to ACG Strathallan.”

The family hasn’t looked back and eldest son Oliver – who started at the school halfway through last year (entering Year 6) – is flourishing.

“Oliver loves school. He enjoys both the structure and the independence the College provides and thrives on being treated as an adult. He takes responsibility for not only his schoolwork and homework, but for getting to school on time (no nagging from mum required!), the way he dresses and how he behaves – because that is what the school expects of its students. When a school has high expectations, it gives students a sense of self-belief.”

Oliver has also made great friends with “respectful, fun and all-round good Kiwi kids” and is highly engaged in his studies thanks to the school’s high calibre teaching staff.

“The content of the lessons is interesting and teachers know how to keep the students engaged. They really take the time to get to know their students, understand their strengths and weaknesses and provide individual support. The teachers at ACG Strathallan are pretty exceptional – it’s clear the school has handpicked them.”

In fact, the Lems have been so impressed with all that’s on offer at the school, that they’ve now enrolled Henri and Wilbur to start in 2021.

“Having seen the structure, care, friendships and opportunities ACG Strathallan has provided Ollie, we know Henri and Wilbur will benefit hugely also. We see the Primary school years as important ones, given this is when kids learn how to learn, and we want our boys to love learning.”

Adds Bridget, “I don’t see any tall poppy syndrome at Strathallan. If you want your child to learn in an environment where students are told its okay to take pride in their achievements, and where talents are recognised and supported, then ACG Strathallan should be high on your shortlist.”