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ACG Strathallan Preschool provides the perfect start

It’s never easy sending your infant off to preschool for the first time. But for parents Daniel and Rebecca Fulton, the transition proved unexpectedly seamless thanks to the expert team at ACG Strathallan.


“I was a parent that was hesitant about sending our precious little one to a preschool. However, this has been a decision we have never regretted,” says Daniel. “From day one, the staff have been amazing!”

Son Harry, now two-years-old, started in the nursery at ACG Strathallan Preschool six months ago, and he hasn’t looked back.

“We live in the area and had heard amazing things about the Preschool from friends,” says Rebecca. “For us, the small numbers in the baby centre was a big drawcard. We knew Harry wouldn’t do well in a big environment with lots of noise, so this was a great place to start.”

Initially enrolled for two days a week, the couple soon increased Harry’s visits to three times weekly.

“It was a little hard for him at the beginning, and his teacher recommended we increase his days to help him settle in. That advice proved so beneficial. By week three, it was getting so much easier to drop him off. Each morning his teacher would meet me at the gate to take him. Now Harry can’t wait to come to Preschool and walks in by himself. As a mum, that really fills my heart.”

In just a few short months, Daniel and Rebecca have witnessed first-hand the transformative benefits a positive foundation for learning can provide.

“When Harry started, he was a timid, shy character,” admits Daniel. “But the amazing ACG Preschool staff have helped to bring him out of his shell, feel safe and confident, while providing him with a nurturing, clean and loving environment.

“The staff have a genuine love of their job and you can see how much they care for the children. Communication has always been impeccable and they love sharing what Harry has been up to each day with us.”

Now in the Junior Preschool class, Harry continues to thrive.

Adds Rebecca, “Harry’s teachers have taken the time and effort to get to know his personality, which has really helped him flourish.”

From daily Zoom sessions during lockdown to the fun and excitement of playing with his friends and teachers, Harry loves it all.

“He especially enjoys playing with any sort of transport, blocks, water play and having fun on the playground!”


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