Our aim is to establish a strong foundation for your child’s future learning. We do this with the Cambridge Primary Programme as our core curriculum, which focuses on developing basic skills in numeracy and literacy.

Developing subject skills

We encourage the development of skills in a wide range of subjects. The programme for Years 1–6 includes English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Physical Education, Health, Art and Music. We appreciate the value of second languages so we offer Mandarin lessons from Year 1, and introduce Spanish in Years 4–6.

Supportive & responsive teaching

Our courses are flexible and individualised to meet your child’s needs. Strengths are identified so children can develop their gifts and talents, while the programme identifies any weaknesses so teachers can support children to move forward. Moving through primary school, the curriculum is designed not only to build knowledge, but to develop high-order thinking skills, nurture curiosity, and instil a lasting passion for learning.

Global awareness

Our students learn about the world they live in, and their responsibilities to their community and the environment. They also learn to confidently use the latest technologies from an early age.

Working toward college

Our primary school thoroughly prepares children aged 5–11 for secondary school education. The knowledge and thinking skills they develop makes their transition to college smooth and successful. The Cambridge Primary curriculum is designed to be globally-relevant, providing an educational foundation that is valid anywhere in the world.

Social stream


Courses of study

Your child’s course of study at ACG Strathallan primary is based on the highly regarded Cambridge Primary Programme.
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Digital learning

Using state-of-the-art technology, students explore the world beyond the classroom,  in a dynamic, interactive and safe environment for digital learning.
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