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The Cambridge Primary Programme forms the basis for your child’s education.

Core subjects


The Cambridge Primary English Programme is designed to instil confidence in communication and develop skills to understand and analyse text from a range of different media.

Students explore five areas of the mathematics curriculum: numbers, geometry, measurement, handling data and problem solving. The focus is on applying mathematical knowledge to different situations, and developing a strong understanding of the subject.

The key areas of science to be studied are scientific enquiry, biology, chemistry and physics. The programme includes the historical background of science, which aims to generate environmental awareness.

Most of class time is spent with a homeroom teacher for English, Mathematics and Social Science. Subjects like Art, Music, Physical Education, Health and Science are taught by specialist teachers.

The daily timetable is organised into four even blocks, resulting in twenty periods over a week. Almost half of the classroom learning time is spent on literacy development (English), and a further quarter to numeracy skills (Mathematics).

Reading will have an initial emphasis on phonics, using the Jolly Phonics Programme.

Other subjects include

Physical education and sport
Social Science
Spanish (Years 4 to 6)