Our early learning school programme reinforces and builds on the natural inclination to learn by offering varied, stimulating and enjoyable activities. This provides the foundation for the acquisition of basic skills in numeracy and literacy, and will prepare your child for a successful learning experience in the future.

Infant Early Learning School – a sense of belonging

Our primary focus is on the wellbeing of your child. Early Learning school is often the first time your child is alone outside their home, so we work with you to help them develop their social skills and feel a sense of belonging.

Our stimulating early Learning school environment will introduce your child to new and exciting activities that establish the foundations of learning while keeping them safe and secure. Our staff will work closely with you to set goals for your child and to create and contribute to a portfolio that charts their progress of achievement.

Nursery Weekly Curriculum Overview

Junior Early Learning School – developing social skills

The junior early learning school programme helps develop the key social skills of independence and sharing. Nurturing these skills at this age will prepare your child for successful learning experiences in the future.

Through family play, manipulative play, creative play, or exploring independently, your child will learn to interact with others – and to be self-reliant. It’s at this level of the  that we introduce group mat time, smaller group play, and group mealtimes.

We record progress in a personalised portfolio, which includes learning stories, photos and examples of work. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contribute family photos and stories as well.

Senior Early Learning School – getting ready for school

With more structured periods for small group learning, senior early learning school offers more advanced play and activities to continue growth.  These help to promote literacy and numeracy, encouraging your child to think, problem-solve and experiment, and to join with other children in group learning.

The senior early learning school programme is modelled on Te Whariki – the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood curriculum, and on Kei Tua O Te Pai – the Narrative Assessment. The latter uses learning stories that provide a ‘where to now?’ for your child. Alongside structured learning, periods of free play and creative expression, we allow time for physical activity.

Junior Weekly Curriculum Overview

Senior Weekly Curriculum Overview

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