Sports, arts & activities

A well-rounded education

Our school has excellent facilities that support and enhance the range of extra-curricular activities we have on offer.

Participation and school spirit are cornerstones of an engaged and healthy learning environment and we encourage students to take part in these activities regardless of their level or abilities.

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Care & wellbeing

Communication and support

We have orientation programmes at preschool, primary and secondary school to help your child and family feel welcome and supported. Our senior school has house and tutor systems that help develop relationships with other students, and learn co-operation and teamwork.

The preschool, primary and secondary staff all work closely with every student, so they are aware of any abilities or challenges around learning and interaction.

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Digital learning

Advancing students' learning potential

Digital literacy is a crucial skill, so digital learning is woven through our curriculum. Classrooms have computers, other devices, and eTV – which lets students access national and international content as needed.

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Social stream