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Our campus theatre and specialist rooms are well equipped for a diverse range of activities – from drama and music to robotics. Your child has the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and to apply those new skills in one of the school’s many musical groups, which range from singing groups, symphonic band, jazz band, rock band or a chamber music ensemble. For primary school children, we offer specialist classes in music and performance arts and visual art. There is a junior or senior production staged at the end of the school year, an annual talent quest, year 4-6 wearable arts, school choir, marimba group and school orchestra.


The arts on offer

The study of art and design will lead to a wider awareness of the role played by the visual arts in society and in the history of civilisation. It will broaden students’ cultural horizons and enrich their individual experience.

Students develop confidence and enthusiasm in the practice of Art and Design as they gain the technical skill necessary to form, compose and communicate in two dimensions, and the ability to identify and solve problems in visual and tactile form.

Students develop an understanding of drama through practical, analytical and theoretical study.

It fosters knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural contexts of drama and theatre, through detailed study of dramatic texts, and practical exploration of written texts from different periods, styles and aims.

Students will develop their musical skills through listening, composing and performing.

They will also listen to and analyse works and research the cultural environment in which they were written.

Learners study music of all styles; each style is placed in its historical and cultural context, and they are encouraged to be perceptive, sensitive and critical when listening.

Although the majority of the syllabus examines Western European music, the music of other cultures is always represented.

Design and technology create technological awareness and attitudes of co-operation and social responsibility.

Students learn to make value judgements of an aesthetic, technical, economic and moral nature.

It encourages solving practical/technological problems through processes of analysis and synthesis.


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Success stories

From academic, artistic and sporting achievement to community involvement, discover some of our ACG Strathallan students.

Art student's dream realised

Sean Chen will realise his childhood dream to study art at one of the world’s top art universities – University of Arts, London (UAL).

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