Specialist teaching

Being taught by a specialist teacher from an early age has tangible benefits for students.

From the age of five, students at ACG Strathallan gain an advantage as they leave their main classroom to receive specialist subject teaching in Science, PE & Health, Mandarin, Music and Visual Art.

As they advance through the years, the range of subjects increases until, by Years 7 and 8, English, Mathematics, Social Science, Art, Design & Technology, Spanish, and Computer Science are all on offer.

Students between Years 7-10 benefit the most as the depth of understanding and access to a wealth of information that a specialist teacher can offer, helps them to enjoy their subjects to the fullest. As a result, the students gain a much better understanding of the knowledge and skills required in each respective subject discipline; something which benefits them enormously when they move into their college years.


The benefit of specialist teachers

“Specialist teachers have the experience, knowledge and ability to draw out the best in their students. They can extend the advanced students and help lower-ability students with many different approaches. Their subject knowledge is at the highest level.”

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Award-winning maths teacher embraces flipped learning

Faculty Coordinator Mathematics Krista Rabulall has embraced an innovative learning model to ensure students get the most out of their time in the classroom.

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The art of music

In his first year at ACG Strathallan, Music teacher Josh McKay has started a choir, rebooted the jazz band, built a recording studio and is rewriting the curriculum. He has performed on stage alongside bands like Six60, Tiki Tane, Bad Manners and the English Beat. And after his assembly performance this year, he found 50 students lined up outside his classroom to join the school choir.

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Family stories

Reading about our Strathallan famililes.
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