The technology used at ACG Strathallan encourages your child to go beyond the classroom and explore the world in a highly interactive and dynamic way.

Digital literacy in all aspects of learning

Digital literacy is a crucial skill, so digital learning is woven through the curriculum. Classrooms have computers, other devices, and eTV – which lets students access national and international content as needed.

‘Blackboard’ for online access 24/7

Our learning management system – Blackboard – gives your child full access to resources and course information whenever they need it. We also offer personal email accounts, online collaboration tools and the use of Office 365, which allows digital capability and connections to fully participate in any subject or activity.

myACG – for your child and your family

Our specialised online portal – myACG – is designed for students and their families as a convenient way to stay informed about school events and track progress. You can view academic reports, check timetables and find contact details for teachers and school deans.

It’s all there to see – a personalised Student Page includes your child’s current subjects, test grades and examination dates and times. Through myACG you can also book teacher interview times, buy textbooks and find out about upcoming school events, newsletters and notices.