Settling in

If your family is new to our community, ACG Strathallan offers an orientation programme at all levels to help you and your child settle in to school life.


Find out how it all works

At your initial interview with the pre-school manager, we discuss your child’s experiences to date and establish the best settling process. We will provide information and guidance on the ‘settling time’, our primary caregivers and also the policy of favourite toys from home.

Give your child time to settle

On the first day at preschool, please allow time to settle your child and familiarise yourself with school procedures. The morning programme is structured to allow time for settling between 8:00 and 9:15.

The preschool manager will introduce you to your child’s primary caregiver, who will help settle your child each day. The caregiver provides a safe and secure introduction to the centre, communicates with you in the morning about your child’s wellbeing and supports your child through the separation period.

Bring a cuddly toy on the first day

Your child’s first day at preschool is exciting. Your child is welcome to bring a favourite cuddly toy for comfort during the settling process. However, we do not encourage toys from home in the long term.

An introductory interview

At the beginning of every school year, all students and their families have an introductory interview with their new teacher for the year. This includes the families of new entrants, and it’s your opportunity to share information about your child and open lines of communication with the class teacher.

School visits for a smooth transition

Your child may visit  Year 1 class before turning five, to work towards a smooth transition between preschool and a more formal classroom setting. That way, your child can arrive for their first day of school with confidence, knowing that there is a caring and supportive teacher with a classroom of friends waiting.

Several orientation days to welcome new students

An Orientation Day for new students in Years 7 to 9 is held in December. This is the best way to become familiar with the campus, meet other new students in the same year level, and be introduced to support staff. We also hold Introduction Days in January for all students in Years 7 to 11.

Meet your child’s tutor

The Introduction Day is the time to meet tutors and establish means of communication throughout the year. The tutor sets personal goals for each student for the current year, establishes a plan to achieve them and outlines the steps to be taken.

The tutor teacher is responsible for supporting and encouraging your child, with a focus on improving achievement.

Leadership Day is held in January, and offers the opportunity for senior students to confirm a course for the year. Tutor groups are organised, students participate in effective team-building and ice-breaking exercises, and learn how to support and encourage the younger members of their group.

To provide a focus on the future, former students visit and share their experiences of tertiary life and the workforce. This is an invaluable experience for our students, and inspires them for the year ahead.


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