The value of a world-class education

At ACG Strathallan, we offer an exceptional education for every child. Our educators, facilities, and commitment to learning makes our education world-class.

“They’re not going to get lost here”

With bigger classes, fewer teachers, and a push towards open plan style classrooms, Polly Strang was worried her son was falling through the cracks in the public school system.

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2022 Tuition fees

Domestic students


Enrolment Acceptance Fee

Reserve a place for your child with a non-refundable enrolment fee. For Years 1 to 10 there is a fee of NZ$1,200, and for new enrolments into Years 11 to 13 the fee is NZ$600.

You won’t need to pay a fee to register an application, and ACG Strathallan doesn’t charge a building development levy or bond.

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

Years 1 - 6

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$19,115 NZ$19,115
Three Instalments NZ$6,426 per instalment NZ$19,278
Nine Instalments NZ$2,183 per month NZ$19,647


Years 7 - 10 

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$22,160 NZ$22,160
Three Instalments NZ$7,450 per instalment NZ$22,350
Nine Instalments NZ$2,531 per month NZ$22,779


Years 11 - 13

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$23,315 NZ$23,315
Three Instalments NZ$7,840 per instalment NZ$23,520
Nine Instalments NZ$2,663 per month NZ$23,967



International students

Year level Annual fee
Years 1 - 6 (students aged 5 to 10) NZ$25,600
Years 7 - 13 (students aged 11 and over) NZ$31,300

Administration fees: $1,100

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

ACG Strathallan teacher and parent: “We love the values the school holds”

Small class sizes, a like-minded parent community wanting the best for their children, and a positive, welcoming feel to the school reinforced their decision.

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Admissions process

We will guide you through the process, and make sure you are kept up to date throughout.

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Term dates

Mark your calendar now with our school term dates, so you and your family are ready for the year ahead.

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We welcome students to apply for scholarship programmes.

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